Summer Road Trips

What is there not to like about a good summer road trip! Whether spontaneous or planned months in advance there is nothing like a great get-away, a change of scenery and a touch of adventure.

While a 4 day weekend is a treat, even an afternoon escape from the city can bring a world of discovery along the way.

I love rolling down the windows to let that carefree feeling take over as the breeze ripples through the car, and laughing with friends as the music keeps us singing along. Ah, now that's summer!

Even if a weekend getaway isn't in the mix, hopping in the car to canvas the local farmers markets makes for a fun trip of exploring.  Farmers markets are blossoming in most communities and I love browsing through them to see what new interesting things I can find. Check out this colourful "heritage cauliflower" I found in my own neighbourhood market recently. The colour was gorgeous!

Bittersweet Month

Here we are heading in to the last part of August and for many it can be a bittersweet time of the year. As the long balmy days of summer gradually get shorter, I find myself feeling that slight twinge of sadness that my summer wardrobe will have to be tucked away sooner than I really want it to, that the warm nights of cycling will be over and playful picnics will be replaced by indoor dining.

The energy of the season begins to shift our thoughts as we look ahead to what September will bring; a bit of excitement for the unknown, and perhaps some nervousness as we go off to a new ballet school or new endeavor. I can surely remember that time in my teens, leaving home and heading off for a new adventure at a professional ballet school. It was a daunting time for sure! Amid the change, one things seems certain. It's always best to stay in the moment and enjoy it just as it is.

What will you do to savour these last splendid moments of summer?

Back to Black

With a new season of dance just around the corner it's that essential time of year to find the perfect leo in all black for the back to dance season. AinslieWear has a wide collection of leos that meet the standard school uniform requirement of being all black. A few top favourites are: our 136 Allegra that has the essential cami look in the front with an exquisite criss cross mesh back, our 144KL Chloe featuring a stunning keyhole back with a beautiful high boat neck in the front, and our 114ME Cap Sleeve with Mesh that is classic as can be. These are just some of the many to choose from! Find your favourite here: