Holiday Designs with a touch of Royalty

Take a close look at our soon to be released, royally inspired 2014 Holiday Line with its scrolled lace, golden hues, rich black velvets and queen-like lines. A highlight is our super comfy zip front with the Queen of Clubs print. It has a very medieval look and feel. You can have fun imagining the headpieces and hair to coordinate to create the regal look that is super popular for Holiday (and recital and performance). These limited edition items are coming soon to a retailer near you and are one of a kind items you won't find available at any other time of year.

Magnificent Art Galleries

While on a business trip to London earlier this year, we took some opportunities to take in the centuries of rich history the city has to offer. At every turn, walking the streets conjures up thoughts of what life must have been like in the 14th or 15th centuries. We also managed to fit in time for medieval castles, exhausted ourselves in famous museums like the Victoria & Albert, overflowing with paintings, sculpture, tapestries and more. After soaking up 6 hours of awe-inspiring art, they had to kick us out at the end of the day! I find it fun to have a peek into the past and art helps us do that. This extraordinary painting is from the London Museum, and I love it for its opulent glimpse into another era. The royal clothing of the time was over the top extravagant. And yes, they really did hand out magnifying glasses to see the incredibly fine and luminescent details of the painting. I think we've captured a bit of this mystical, rich feeling in our Holiday Collection and I hope you find a piece to fit in to your dancewear wardrobe this fall!

Braided Updo's

Everything braided is all the rage these days and we can't get enough of it! It seems there is no shortage of inspiration from film and TV to create stunning, head turning braided-do's. Hair Fashion certainly is bringing back a refined glamour that allows for finesse and subtle elegance, all at the same time. This blog by Steph, a professional stylist, shows an easy step by step break down of a dynamite medieval inspired up-do ( (Photo Credit: Devil Inspired Blog)