What's your Dancer-tude? 

With the new dance season already in motion, its easy to get caught up in the worries, stresses and pressures of being able to excel and perform at your absolute best. As dancers we are relentlessly hard on ourselves and demanding that we do more and better all the time. Yes, this plays a role in developing perseverance but there's more to it. Ever wondered what a little positive self talk can do for those stressful moments all dancers go through?  Consider creating a Dance Mantra for yourself. One that you say and see often.  You can paste it on your bedroom mirror, on the cover of your SmartPhone or on a colourful piece of paper in your dance bag. What's most important is that you see it often so its there to remind you of the bigger picture during those long tiring days in the studio.

Here are some Dance Mantras to try on:

"I feel my best when I let go and move with ease"

"Dance is a gift that you give away"

"I'm here to share my unique artistic expression and to welcome input from those around me"

Have fun creating one that reflects what you want to experience in dance. A supportive healthy Dancer-tude makes a world of a difference to your development as you inhabit it as part of your dance practice. 

Girls Fashion Wear

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Getting back in the Groove

I have to say that sometimes I'm a bit resistant to the arrival of fall, especially as the long luxurious summer days come to an end. The unique charms and flowing feeling of the warm weather are replaced with a bit more seriousness as we get back to classes and routines of all kinds.

It seems a little more structure and commitment is required. But then the shorter days offer up the perfect space for settling back in and it certainly can feel good to get back in the groove, especially if that routine is splashed with a dose of spontaneity to still keep things fresh, fun and engaging.

Before you know it, we've immersed ourselves in the new and it feels just right.

It can also be a great time to add a supportive new habit. The best way to create a new habit, and make it stick, is to add it to something you already routinely do now.  Perhaps that new Dancer-tude mantra would be the perfect thing to add in to your fall routine!

Wishing you a rewarding fall season!