The Taste of Summer

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Enjoying delicious dishes made with seasonal fruits is a highlight of the summer for many of us at AinslieWear. It seems that watermelon takes the number one spot for most refreshing and tasty treat to snack on. Have you ever thought of adding some goat or sheep’s feta cheese, mint and a dash of pepper for a refreshingly flavourful yet savoury salad? We suggest trying it, your tastebuds will be glad you did!

Back to Dance

Although we are still revelling in the beautiful summer weather and seasonal fruits, it’s that time to think about heading back to dance. For many, that means shopping for a great fitting, flattering and comfortable school uniform leotard. We are sewing up a storm at AinslieWear to ensure you’ll have plenty of choices in traditional black, or one of our other exciting colours. It takes a lot of careful planning to make sure all the steps in the production process flow as smoothly as possible during this busy time in the factory. Check out our back to school favourites online or at a retailer near you! We’ve got plenty of options for looking and feeling great this fall as you step back into your pointe shoes!

Did you know?

Did you know we have an awesome sewing team? Our sewing gals here at our factory in Vancouver are focused, industrious and have a keen eye for precision. What we admire about them is their fun loving energy amidst their work day priorities. Their infectious laughter lightens everyone’s day and we all feel better for being in their presence.

What’s also fun, is that over time I’m learning that many of them share the same passion for travel as Terri and I. They have a great sense of adventure often surprising us with their travel destinations.

Curiosity to see the world has them setting off to far-away continents; From trekking through fjords in Scandinavia, to hiking in South America, they return from their holidays rich with stories, photos and great experiences to share with all of us.

I wonder what adventure you might be on before the summer draws to a close, perhaps in your favourite AinslieWear leotard!


Announcing our #AWContest on Instagram

Looking for a chance to win an AinslieWear leotard? Our Back to School Photo Contest runs till August 31st and we are so excited to see you and all your friends doing what you love most in your AinslieWear leo!