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Little India Collection

This month we are showcasing our new Little India Collection, and sharing some thoughts about our inspiration for the line. Images of India are endless, from the serene and breathtaking beauty of the Taj Mahal, to the intensity of centuries-old rituals and festivities, to the playful and popular Bollywood movies, to name a few. Without a doubt, it is a full on feast for the senses, and that definitely includes colour!

While I have never been to India, I have long had a fascination with the incredible colours and details of women’s saris. I remember as a young girl being enthralled with the new neighbour who was dressed in vibrant saris all the time, sash elegantly draped over her shoulder as she glided along. In a smallish town, this unfamiliar sight was a delight to my eyes. I suspect my love of border print fabric and design may have begun then too.

So when I came across a fashion photo, offering a hint of Indian style with flowing chiffon fabric and intricate bodice, it seemed like the perfect launching point for our back to school line of leotards. Our Little India Collection is complete with a border print sleeved leotard and a fine paisley print that is so often found in classic sari fabric. We custom designed the paisley print fabric just for this collection.

We had a bit of a history lesson too as we researched Hindu Gods and Goddesses, naming each leotard for one of our favourites. Which one speaks to you? Perhaps Saraswati, the Goddess of Art & Knowledge, or Parvati, the Goddess of Love & Devotion.

To top off the whole theme, you could plan a henna party for a fun get together with your friends.

Why Henna?

Historically, henna with its cooling properties, was applied on hands and feet to cool one’s body. The beautiful stain that it left on the skin after its application led to the practice of making designs with it on one’s hands and feet. Over the years, Indian henna designs have evolved and have become much more intricate. So why not gather up some friends this summer and cool down with a playful henna party!

Happy henna-ing everyone! Tag your photos with #AWHenna for us to see ~