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The other day I was walking through the factory as our shipping team was preparing boxes for the many Holiday Collection orders going out at the end of the week. Style by style the boxes would be filled and then they’d wait patiently until their day of departure, to head off around the globe.

I was taking in all the lovely hues of the Ice Floral print and the dreamy feeling that comes across in the floral mesh. The teal with velvet trim was strikingly regal and the Peacock Toile rounded it all out with a touch of tradition.  That very same night I dreamt of peacocks – one in particular, with its exquisitely coloured tail fanned out in all its glory. I couldn’t help but wonder the meaning of this dream, so of course I headed to Mr. Google in the morning to find out what I could. Sure enough, there was much to be said about peacocks and here are some of the highlights I found:

“The peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. In history, myth, legend and lore, the peacock symbolism carries portents of: Nobility, Holiness, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.

They are seen as a powerful and mystical symbol and are considered sacred in many cultural and religious groups across the world.

A peacock is a great sign indicating re-growth, birth, new life, and rejuvenation. Seeing peacocks in your dream can also be omens of prestige and success. When you see a peacock in your dream it is a positive sign for the future that brings luck and happiness.”

That all sounds pretty good to me – I’ll go with it!

And when it comes to leotards, just maybe our peacock print styles will be the “good luck” leotard of the season!
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