It is our vision and mission at the heart of AinslieWear to inspire confidence and make people feel good.
We want to showcase and celebrate the ideas, people and community behind the work we do.

AinslieWear is based in Vancouver, Canada. Our in-house team of designers, cutters and sewers make leotards for dancers all over the globe.
Our products are hand made and made-to-order. This means that your leotard is made just for you. Your order commences production as soon as you submit it!


Our team of cutters are the first step in the manufacturing process. These gentlemen measure and cut fabric into an array of different shapes and sizes.
At this stage of the process, your leotard looks like a jumble of jigsaw puzzle pieces!


Our sewing team take those jigsaw pieces of fabric from the cutters and brings your leotard to life. From seams, to intricate detailing, to clasp embellishments, these ladies work their magic to ensure you receive the best product possible – and know how to have a good laugh while they’re at it!

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