I absolutely LOVE your dance wear. The bodysuits fit perfectly and are so cute and unique! They’re also extremely useful as I train in them every single day.
Tessa Virtue, Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Ice Dance

I have been wearing AinslieWear dance pants for over a year now. Whether I’m doing cardio salsa, power yoga or walking on the seawall, the pants look very flattering, feel amazing and they are super long lasting. I’m looking forward to buying my next pair of pants and capris.
Christina Szokendi, Pivotal Concepts

I love my AinslieWear shorts. I’ve worn them in hot yoga classes and countless ballet classes, receiving many compliments along the way. They don’t ride up, are very flattering, and hug me in all the right places…need I say more?
Katherine Cowie, Les Ballets Jazz De Montreal

I wanted to tell you, I wore those grey AinslieWear pants to hot yoga tonight and they ARE INCREDIBLE!!!
I always have to hike up my pants 500 times during class and I didn’t have to fuss with them at all. Not once!!!
I have to order a bunch more, I love them.
Kristin Ruggieri, Attitude Dance & Active Wear | June 2016

All of my bodysuits are AinslieWear. They’re classic, I wouldn’t wear anything else.
Sally Hart, Arts Umbrella

I think they are the only leotards that flatter me and make me feel good! I can actually wear a leotard and not feel uncomfortable!
Julie Pecard, ProArteDanza, Vancouver

They fit nicely on the bum! They’re made of good sweat-braving material, they’re very flattering and everyone looks good in them!
Rebecca Margolick, Arts Umbrella

All of my favourite leotards are from AinslieWear. The fabrics are soft, the styles look good and the colours are fun. The leotards actually give me a little inspiration and help me get through the long repetitive days in the studios.
Robin Mathes, Demi-soloist, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

AinslieWear is the only thing I wear; if I’m not wearing her bodysuits, I’m not comfortable.
Jenna Watson-Brawn, Arts Umbrella, Vancouver

I’ve been wearing Ainslie’s bodysuits for 8 years and the only reason I keep getting new ones is that she keeps making more and more gorgeous styles!
Clea Owens, Vancouver, BC

I can’t even remember the last time I bought a bodysuit that wasn’t made by Ainslie! She just knows what professional dancers want to wear. The styles are always unique and flattering and the fit is always comfortable.
Alisia Pobega, Demi-soloist, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

They’re modern, yet feminine and fit perfectly. We all love her work!
Stephanie Hutchison, First Soloist, The National Ballet of Canada

My first shipment of AinslieWear arrived – an “Anne “ leotard and capris, both in espresso. I swear I have never had a nicer dance outfit. I feel great when I’m teaching in your clothes!
Liz Frankel, Dancer Teacher, NYU

The bodysuit is amazing! I purchased the aubergine zip front, with lace in the back. I absolutely love it!
Jo-Ann Sundermeier, Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Audrey #103AU is my favourite because it is very elegant and would look good on stage paired with a tutu but still appropriate for normal class wear.
Dana Sorensen

I love the lace zip front it’s great for class and auditions and its very lady like in the sense that you can still feel like a woman in class even though you may be working hard a sweating! And I think it suits almost every body type?
Ashley Perham

I love the boat neck because it has a gorgeous line and a great back, and its comfortable and looks good!
Lea Duranseaud

For the new line, I love the lace cap sleeve because it looks so elegant and classy but I have always been a fan of the velvet square neck because its classic, flattering and has a touch of elegance for everyday wear.
Naomi L-B

How do I choose a favourite? – it is all so fabulous! I love my AinslieWear Capris. The waist sits at a perfect height, not too high or too low. Which is flattering, comfortable and of course great for dancing and Pilates (and lounging). AinslieWear is to my dance wardrobe, what little bears porridge is to Goldilocks. Thank you Ainslie!
Barbara Murray

My favorite is the cap sleeve mesh, it’s gorgeous!!!
Aimee Chan

A couple of weeks ago, a student of mine, a truly lovely dancer, was wearing a beautiful bodysuit. I whispered to her, “Is that AinslieWear?“ Her eyes sparkled, and she replied, “Yes! I spent the summer in Vancouver! “ Thank you for helping dancers feel as gorgeous as they are.
Elizabeth Frankel, Dance teacher, NYU

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your leotards are. The quality of the material, the styles, the beauty of the lines, the quality of the sewing, it’s all just top notch. Since I label everything that comes through here, I get to see everything up close and personal, and your products just bring me joy. So, thank you for your consistently wonderful products.
Laurie Hurst | Shipping/Receiving Coordinator, The Shoe Room/Canada’s National Ballet School | L’Ecole nationale de Ballet du Canada

Thank you for making such fantastic bodysuits!
Tatiana Straathof, Dancer and Contortionist

*AinslieWear products are handmade and made to order to ensure you receive the very best. Due to production demand, your order will ship in 6-8 weeks. Dismiss