This month we are celebrating Friendship! Any time is a great time to celebrate our friends but perhaps it is especially on our minds now. So many dancers have headed back into the studio with full-on, fresh abandon at the start of the school year. One of the beautiful things about dancing at a studio or in a company, are the friendships cultivated, that often last a lifetime. I have friends all over the world thanks to bonding that started in the studio.

Friends are there for the big stuff, and the small.

Maybe it’s that fun afternoon shopping for a new leotard for an upcoming audition, or lending you a handful of hair-pins when you misplaced yours. Or maybe it’s giving you a great tip for a better pirouette. When you have people rooting you on, who have been by your side through the ups and downs of the dance world, you know you’re supported. Needless to say, friendship truly is one of life’s most precious gifts. It can make a world of difference to managing the many aspects of life that all of us deal with.

I still clearly remember my first rehearsal for a ballet solo on pointe as a young teen. My best ballet buddy and I were so over-the-moon excited after our respective rehearsals, that we had to call each other after we got home and talk about it to relive it over and over, for at least an hour. It was so much fun, and so invigorating to have each other’s support. We were elated from dancing, and had each other to channel our crazy energy with.

Can you remember back to those early days in ballet, when you were so excited to run into the studio? When you wanted to fly on your toes with your best friend? That freedom you felt then can be created anytime – just grab a friend and share a laugh or a hug to celebrate all you have experienced together so far!

Here’s to all our friends, with us in the studio or elsewhere in our lives. We say a big thank you for the joy, love and support you bring to us! May we return it just as graciously.

- Ainslie

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