Infinite Possibilities

As the dance school year wraps up and year end performances are complete, there can be so many choices for young dancers to make, so many things to consider. Everything from what to pack as you head to a summer school, to planning an audition tour to your dream dance companies. Often the bigger decisions can seem rather daunting!

One thing is certain, it takes courage to head out into the world and pursue your chosen path, wherever you are inspired to go. Dancers are some of the most resilient, persevering and courageous people I know. They forge a path into the unknown each and every day to capture those magical moments of expression on stage. To share with the audience, to fulfill their dreams of a life and career in the theatre.

With that in mind, here is a gentle reminder to all the young dancers mapping out their future; there are infinite possibilities in what you can create! Apparent endings pave the way for something new, exciting and rewarding.

With courage, take that step out into the world and see what’s there. Whether you are graduating from school, stepping up from an apprenticeship to full company member, or shifting to freelance work. There are many options to create space for new beginnings.

May the infinite possibilities awaiting you this summer inspire you and fill you with enthusiasm!

- Ainslie

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