Every leotard has a story, and the tale behind our Valentina print is especially significant to us.

In Ainslie's own words: 

I was blessed to grow up in a house full of colour, texture and art. My mother made fabulous clothes and my father was an incredible artist. His prolific work filled his studio and every room of our house, as well as selling in galleries large and small. I loved all of the colour around us, and a wall without a painting was simply incomplete! 

He passed away years ago and I thought I had seen all of his work. But to my surprise, this gem of an unframed painting was found in the far reaches of a closet in my mom’s house a few summer's ago. Could it have been more perfect? A scene of dancers! Undated, I suspect that it was painted very early in his career, long before his style turned to abstract landscapes on bold large canvases.

It has special place in my heart and I hope you will enjoy this “work of art” — so perfectly suited for a piece of dancewear — as much as I do. It is a great reminder that inspiration can come from hidden places, and often when you least expect it!

With a colour tweak for 2019, we hope this leotard makes you feel your best as you go about your dancing.


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