Wearable Artwork

At AinslieWear, our pretty prints, mesh back leotards and seasonal collections make us stand out in the world of dance. We love to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints for our leotards, skirts and bags. Many of the prints featured in our collections are spot prints.

Spot Prints Explained

A spot print is uniquely crafted piece of artwork, which works with the cut and shape of a leotard. The design is created with specific placement on the fabric, which means the printed artwork will always be exactly where we designed it to be.

If we design a flower to wrap across the shoulder, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Unlike a spot print, the placement of an all over print is random and each leotard will have some variation in the placement of the print.

Many of our printed 1062 Zip Front bodysuits are made using the spot print technique. As you can see, these backs have a spot print design for precise placement of the graphics.

Spot the Spot Print!

Spot prints can be seen across every AinslieWear collection.

Our year-round Catalogue collection features a number of spot prints, including the iconic Zip Front with Paris Print.

Our limited edition Fall Collection also showcases this technique. Our Fall Cassidy leotard with overlay mesh bodice, Low Back Tank, and Rosebud Shoe & Makeup Bags are all designed with spot prints.

What's your favourite AinslieWear print?

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