We are so grateful for our community of dancers, peers and professionals who wear our leotards with pride.


 I love AinslieWear bodysuits. They are so comfortable and they make me feel confident, especially when I'm rehearsing solo work. I undoubtedly get compliments every time I wear them!

Kathryn Hosier, Soloist – National Ballet of Canada


Perfectly cut, no pulling or yanking, incredible quality… I love watching the faces of my Ainsliewear customers when they try them on…and then they have to choose!! Simply THE best leotards.

Karina Perrenoud, Owner – Kutcha, Geneva Switzerland

What I love about Ainsliewear is that these leos are so unique! I feel so comfortable in my leotards, it matches my personality, and there is something for everyone!

Nayara Lopes, First SoloistPhiladelphia Ballet


I’ve had the pleasure of working with AinslieWear for nearly two decades. The quality of their designs and high level of customer service cannot be matched. I always look forward to seeing what new designs they will come up with next!

Nadia Randall, General Manager & Footwear Specialist – The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your leotards are. The quality of the material, the styles, the beauty of the lines, the quality of the sewing, it’s all just top notch. Since I label everything that comes through here, I get to see everything up close and personal, and your products just bring me joy. So, thank you for your consistently wonderful products.

Laurie Hurst, Shipping Receiving Coordinator – The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School


I absolutely LOVE your dancewear. The bodysuits fit perfectly and are so cute and unique! They're also extremely useful as I train in them every single day.

Tessa Virtue – Olympic Gold Medal winner in Ice Dance


AinslieWear has been my favourite leotard brand throughout my entire dancing career. The comfort and style is unmatched, and it fits me like a glove! I always feel the most confident dancing in AinslieWear leos.

Kayla Malanfant, Professional Dancer & Model – Tokyo Disneyland


AinslieWear was the first leotard company that I bought from and I’ve always felt so comfortable and confident while wearing them. I’ve never once had to worry about my leotard falling down my little arm. Every one of their leotards is my favourite!

Olivia Book, Trainee – Ballet West


I want to thank you for making such wonderful leos! My daughter feels the most comfortable and beautiful when she dances in your products.

Lisa Heaps-Seguchi


I love my AinslieWear! Their designs are ageless and timeless. The fabrics are of the highest quality with a four way stretch that moves with me, consequently no pulling, tugging or adjusting. They are so comfortable and fit perfectly. There is excellence in every detail! My AinslieWear makes me feel confident and beautiful both inside and out. AinslieWear designs are innovative, honest and endure the test of time. They are visionaries, trail blazers and trendsetters. I've been wearing AinslieWear for nine years and have never looked back! AinslieWear, simply the best!

Catherine Joyce – Adult Ballet Dancer


I just wanted to let you all know that I think your leotards are absolutely stunning and beautiful and remarkably comfortable!!! I always see beautiful leotards at my dance store and from first glance you can just tell they are AinslieWear! I absolutely adore your leotards and need them all. I can’t imagine wearing anything else so keep doing what you’re doing and making these amazing leotards! Thank you!

Eva Sin, Student Dancer – Steps on Broadway, NYC

I’ve been wearing Ainslie’s bodysuits for 8 years and the only reason I keep getting new ones is that she keeps making more and more gorgeous styles!
Clea Owens

I am very, very happy with my AinslieWear leotards. The design is beautiful and they are also really comfortable.
Alice Mariani, Principal – Dresden Semperoper Ballet


I will never forget the first time I tried on an AinslieWear leotard, and was amazed that a leotard could be so flattering, made with such impeccable quality, and confidence boosting. Seven years later, these leotards still stand on top of favorites list! With the large array of aesthetically beautiful leotards, I can confidently say that AinslieWear has the perfect leotard for everyone. I wholeheartedly know that you will love your leo just as much as I do!

Aviva Gelfer-Mundl, Dancer – Boston Ballet II


An AinslieWear leotard has never let me down. Firstly that they can keep up with all the movements a dancer makes including maneuvering into a leotard, which brings me to my second point, the seams stretch with the fabric! Too many times I’ve been getting ready in a hurry and hear the horrible sound of stitches breaking, other times I’ve finished a class to realize I’d ripped a few stitches dancing too hard!

Kathy Booth


How do I choose a favourite? – it is all so fabulous! AinslieWear is to my dance wardrobe, what little bears porridge is to Goldilocks. Thank you Ainslie!
Barbara Murray


A couple of weeks ago, a student of mine, a truly lovely dancer, was wearing a beautiful bodysuit. I whispered to her, “Is that AinslieWear?” Her eyes sparkled, and she replied, “Yes! I spent the summer in Vancouver!” Thank you for helping dancers feel as gorgeous as they are.

Elizabeth Frankel, Dance Teacher – NYU