We are so grateful for our community of dancers, peers and professionals who wear our leotards with pride.


 I love AinslieWear bodysuits. They are so comfortable and they make me feel confident, especially when I'm rehearsing solo work. I undoubtedly get compliments every time I wear them!

Kathryn Hosier, Soloist – National Ballet of Canada


Perfectly cut, no pulling or yanking, incredible quality… I love watching the faces of my Ainsliewear customers when they try them on…and then they have to choose!! Simply THE best leotards.

Karina Perrenoud, Owner – Kutcha, Geneva Switzerland

I’ve had the pleasure of working with AinslieWear for nearly two decades. The quality of their designs and high level of customer service cannot be matched. I always look forward to seeing what new designs they will come up with next!

Nadia Randall, General Manager & Footwear Specialist – The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your leotards are. The quality of the material, the styles, the beauty of the lines, the quality of the sewing, it’s all just top notch. Since I label everything that comes through here, I get to see everything up close and personal, and your products just bring me joy. So, thank you for your consistently wonderful products.

Laurie Hurst, Shipping Receiving Coordinator – The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School


I absolutely LOVE your dancewear. The bodysuits fit perfectly and are so cute and unique! They're also extremely useful as I train in them every single day.

Tessa Virtue – Olympic Gold Medal winner in Ice Dance


I want to thank you for making such wonderful leos! My daughter feels the most comfortable and beautiful when she dances in your products.

Lisa Heaps-Seguchi

I just wanted to let you all know that I think your leotards are absolutely stunning and beautiful and remarkably comfortable!!! I always see beautiful leotards at my dance store and from first glance you can just tell they are AinslieWear! I absolutely adore your leotards and need them all. I can’t imagine wearing anything else so keep doing what you’re doing and making these amazing leotards! Thank you!

Eva Sin, Student Dancer – Steps on Broadway, NYC

I’ve been wearing Ainslie’s bodysuits for 8 years and the only reason I keep getting new ones is that she keeps making more and more gorgeous styles!
Clea Owens

I am very, very happy with my AinslieWear leotards. The design is beautiful and they are also really comfortable.
Alice Mariani, Principal – Dresden Semperoper Ballet


An AinslieWear leotard has never let me down. Firstly that they can keep up with all the movements a dancer makes including maneuvering into a leotard, which brings me to my second point, the seams stretch with the fabric! Too many times I’ve been getting ready in a hurry and hear the horrible sound of stitches breaking, other times I’ve finished a class to realize I’d ripped a few stitches dancing too hard!

Kathy Booth


How do I choose a favourite? – it is all so fabulous! AinslieWear is to my dance wardrobe, what little bears porridge is to Goldilocks. Thank you Ainslie!
Barbara Murray


A couple of weeks ago, a student of mine, a truly lovely dancer, was wearing a beautiful bodysuit. I whispered to her, “Is that AinslieWear?” Her eyes sparkled, and she replied, “Yes! I spent the summer in Vancouver!” Thank you for helping dancers feel as gorgeous as they are.

Elizabeth Frankel, Dance Teacher – NYU